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Divorce and Family Law

Family Law:

Without question, some of the most emotionally-charged issues in all of law fall under the domain of Family Law.  Whether you’re experiencing the joys of marriage and/or adoption or the very trying experiences of divorce, seeking custody of children and/or division of marital property, family law issues are not to be taken lightly.  As an attorney focusing much of my practice on Family Law, I can guide you through your Family Law issue no matter what it is.  And while I cannot guarantee you that this process will always be stress-free, I will do whatever it takes to ensure that your legal rights remain secure.                             


For reasons that are obvious, divorce is something that we all hope to avoid.  In some situations, however, divorce may be the only reasonable option.  If you’re ever in this situation, remember that you have rights under the law.  Such rights include, but are not limited to, an equitable distribution of the marital property.  I cannot change the fact that any divorce will likely be a trying experience.  But I can help to ensure that in the event of a divorce, your legal rights remain secure.  

Juvenile Matters:

The consequences of having a child arrested or referred to Juvenile Court cannot be overstated.  For not only can this experience take a substantial emotional toll on both parent and child, but it can also lead to serious drawbacks on a child’s future.  Remember though, children charged with crimes have legal rights just like adults.  Chief amongst these is the child’s right to refuse police questioning until he or she has had the chance to speak with an attorney.  So if your child has been charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, he or she doesn’t have to stand alone.  Call me for a free consultation so we can make sure your child’s rights are preserved.
Law Office of Brandon Zurvalec | Philadelphia, PA Attorneys at Law

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