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When the police charge someone with DUI/DWI, there are certain procedures that they must follow.  If these procedures are not followed, it may result in a dismissal of the DUI/DWI.  So if you’ve been charged with DUI/DWI, don’t forget that you still have rights under the law.  As an attorney, I can help you find out what those rights are.       

Traffic Law/Citations:

At a cursory glance, a traffic ticket may seem like a relatively benign thing.  But let us not forget that these tickets can have serious ramifications.  For not only can a traffic ticket be very expensive in and of itself, but there could be resulting increases in one’s insurance premiums too.  And in some situations, furthermore, a traffic ticket can even lead to time behind bars.  So if you’ve been issued a traffic ticket, don’t just assume that you have to live with it.  Call me for a free consultation to find out if there is an effective way to fight your ticket.  


Law Office of Brandon Zurvalec | Philadelphia, PA Attorneys at Law

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